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ASVSet a owl:Class extends SequenceSet





skos:definition The definition of an ASV pair that can is a result of amplicon sequencing.
subDomain DocumentCore


property description cardinality type
masterASVId ASV identifier 1:1 xsd:string
ratio Ratio 0:1 xsd:Float
clusteredReadCount Clustered read count 0:1 xsd:Integer
reverseASV The reverse primer(s) 0:1 ASVSequence
forwardASV The forward primer(s) 1:1 ASVSequence
assignedTaxon Taxonomy 0:1 Taxon
readCount Read count 0:1 xsd:Integer
asvAssignment ASV assignment 0:N ASVAssignment
taxonHitCount Taxon hit count 0:1 xsd:Integer
mismatchLevelCount Mismatch level count 0:N xsd:Integer
usedTaxonLevel Used taxon level 0:1 xsd:Integer
mismatchCount Mismatch count 0:1 xsd:Integer
taxonType The type of taxon 0:1 TaxonAssignmentType