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Gene a owl:Class extends TranscriptionElement



skos:definition A region (or regions) that includes all of the sequence elements necessary to encode a functional transcript. A gene may include regulatory regions, transcribed regions and/or other functional sequence regions.
rdfs:comment the gene feature describes the interval of DNA that corresponds to a genetic trait or phenotype; the feature is, by definition, not strictly bound to it's positions at the ends; it is meant to represent a region where the gene is located.
gen:framing :exon
ddbjLabel gene
subDomain SequenceFeatureCore


property description cardinality type
geneSymbolSynonym Alternative/old gene symbols 0:N xsd:string
exon All exons that are part of the gene 0:N Exon
allele List of names of known allele variants of the gene 0:N xsd:string
pseudogene If this gene is a pseudo gene, indicate the type 0:1 PseudoGeneType
oldLocusTag Old locus tag of the gene 0:1 xsd:string
intron All introns that are part of the gene 0:N Intron
transcript All transcripts that are derived from the gene 0:N Transcript
locusTag Locus tag of the gene 1:1 xsd:string
geneSymbol Symbol of the gene (not the symbol of the resulting protein) 0:1 xsd:string