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GBOLDataSet a owl:Class extends prov:Entity, void:Dataset




skos:definition A complete annotation record stored in GBOL file
rdfs:comment This class acts as root object of all the data stored within a GBOL file
gen:framing ROOT
subDomain DocumentCore


property description cardinality type
references A set of references associated to the GBOLDataSet 0:N Citation
entryType The type of this GBOLDataSet 1:1 EntryType
sequences All dna objects included within the GBOL data set 0:N Sequence
linkedDataBases All databases that are linked by any of the contained XRefs 0:N Database
samples All samples from which the sequence objects are collected 0:N Sample
dataSetVersion The version of the GBOL Data set, increase by 1 for every (set of) update(s) 1:1 xsd:Integer
annotationResults All annotation result within the GBOL data set 0:N AnnotationResult
organisms All associated organisms 0:N Organism
keywords A list of keyword describing the content of the GBOL data set 0:N xsd:string
xref Reference to other entries holding entries with related information in other databases 0:N XRef
note A set off some additional notes 0:N Note