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Contributing to GBOL

If you want to contribute to GBOL please follow the following instructions:

As most users do not have direct write access to the GBOL repository located here. A fork needs to be created and to create a fork follow the instructions located here. In short click on the Fork button just below the header. Once forked clone the forked repository using the default git commands

git clone

Once cloned the easiest to view the ontology is through protege. Once downloaded and installed open the root-ontology.ttl which is inside the repository you just cloned with this program. Once opened click on Entities in the top bar of the window and then you should be able to see the owl:Thing class. Unfold it and more classes should appear. New classes can be added using the corresponding buttons and content can be changed by clicking twice on it.

Once you have finished the adjustments you can add the file to the git repository by using the following command from within the cloned directory:

git add root-ontology.ttl

Then write a message about the changes you made

git commit -m "expanded skos:definition for MiscFeature

And finalize by a push

git push

This should push your changes to your forked repository. From within gitlab a merge request can be performed when you think you have made enough changes that have to be merged into the original ontology. More information about merge requests can be found here.