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ssb:NGTax a owl:Class extends ProvenanceClassification



rdfs:comment NGTax 2.0 classification of ASV's
rdfs:label NGTax


property description cardinality type
generatedBy Generated by 1:1 xsd:string
refdb Refernce database 0:1 xsd:string
maxChemeraDistR Max chimera distance reverse 1:1 xsd:Integer
date Date 1:1 xsd:string
maxChemeraDistF Max chimera distance forward 1:1 xsd:Integer
errorCorr Error correction 1:1 xsd:Integer
rja Rejected ASV Annotation 0:1 xsd:Integer
format Format 1:1 xsd:string
formatURL Format URL 1:1 xsd:string
maxClusteringMismatchCount Max clustering mismatch count 1:1 xsd:Integer
matrixType Matrix type 1:1 xsd:string
rReadLength Reverse read length 1:1 xsd:Integer
logFile Log file 0:1 xsd:string
classifyRatio Classify ratio 1:1 xsd:Float
identity92MismatchCount Identity 92 mismatch count 1:1 xsd:Integer
headerType Type 1:1 xsd:string
minOTUSizeT Minimum size of rejected OTU to be classify 1:1 xsd:Integer
email E-mail 0:1 xsd:string
markIfMoreThen1 Mark if more than one 1:1 xsd:Boolean
identity95MismatchCount Identity 95 mismatch count 1:1 xsd:Integer
matrixElementType Matrix element type 1:1 xsd:string
identLvl Identity level 1:1 xsd:Float
identity97MismatchCount Identity 97 mismatch count 1:1 xsd:Integer
minPerT Minimum percentage threshold 1:1 xsd:Float
version The version of the resource 1:1 xsd:string
mapFile Map file 1:1 xsd:string
rPrimerLength Reverse primer length 1:1 xsd:Integer
commit Commit 0:1 xsd:string
fReadLength Forward read length 1:1 xsd:Integer
identity90MismatchCount Identity 90 mismatch count 1:1 xsd:Integer
biomFile Biom file 1:1 xsd:string
project Project 0:1 xsd:string
fastQSet FastQ set 1:N xsd:string
identity85MismatchCount Identity 85 mismatch count 1:1 xsd:Integer
fPrimerLength Forward primer length 1:1 xsd:Integer
folder Folder option 0:1 xsd:string
mismatchDB Mismatch DB 0:1 xsd:Boolean
shanon Shanon option 0:1 xsd:Boolean
ttlFile Turtle file 0:1 xsd:string
id The Id used, typically typed as a prefix 1:1 xsd:string
chimeraRatio Chimera ratio 1:1 xsd:Float