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VariantGenotype a owl:Class



skos:definition Defines a genotype for a called Variation in the Variation class


property description cardinality type
expectedAlleleCounts Expected allele counts(comma separated) 0:1 xsd:String
genotype Genotype of a sample for a specific variant 0:1 xsd:String
strain Strain VariantionGenotype was called on 0:1 xsd:String
altOrganism Alternative Organism 0:1 Organism
altDepth Read depth of alternate base 0:1 xsd:String
phredLikelihood phred scaled likelihood 0:1 xsd:Integer
readDepth Raw read depth 0:1 xsd:String
mapQuality Mapping Quality 0:1 xsd:Integer
depthQuality Read depth quality 0:1 xsd:String
likelihood Genotype likelihoods comprised of comma separated floating point log10-scaled likelihoods for all possible genotypes given the set of alleles defined in the REF and ALT fields 0:1 xsd:String
genotypeQuality Genotype quality 0:1 xsd:String
refDepth Read depth of reference base 0:1 xsd:String
haploQuality Haplotype qualities 0:1 xsd:String
phaseSet Phase set 0:1 xsd:String
pVal p-value from Fisher's Exact Test 0:1 xsd:String
phaseQuality Phase quality 0:1 xsd:Integer
filter genotype filter 0:1 xsd:String
phredProb phred probabilities 0:1 xsd:Float
freq Allele frequency 0:1 xsd:String
realGenotype Actual Genotype of a sample for a specific variant 0:1 xsd:String
refOrganism Reference Organism 0:1 Organism