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PublishedGBOLDataSet a owl:Class extends GBOLDataSet



skos:definition A GBOLDataSet that has been published
rdfs:comment This class can also describe converted GenBank or EMBL entries that have been published
gen:framing :dblinks
subDomain DocumentCore


property description cardinality type
holddate The date until which the GBOL dataset should not published (only present on non public entries) 0:1 xsd:Date
lastPublishedDate The last time the this GBOL data has been published 0:1 xsd:Date
abstract The abstract of the publication 0:1 xsd:string
releaseStatus A free string to keep track of the release status (for private use, not present on public entries) 0:1 xsd:string
lastPublishedRelease The version of the version that has been last published 0:1 xsd:Integer
dblinks Cross references to other databases containing the same record 0:N XRef
firstPublic The date at which the record was first published 0:1 xsd:Date
firstPublicRelease The version of the record when it was first published 0:1 xsd:Integer