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PrimerBinding a owl:Class extends ArtificialRecognizedRegion



skos:definition Non-covalent primer binding site for initiation of replication, transcription, or reverse transcription;includes site(s) for synthetic e.g., PCR primer elements;
rdfs:comment Used to annotate the site on a given sequence to which a primer molecule binds - not intended to represent the sequence of the primer molecule itself
ddbjLabel primer_bind
subDomain SequenceFeatureCore
skos:editorialNote PCR components and reaction times maybe stored under the \"/PCR_conditions\" qualifier; since PCR reactions most often involve pairs of primers,a single primer_bind key may use the order() operator with two locations, or a pair of primer_bind keys may be used.


property description cardinality type
PCRConditions A textual description of the PCR conditions needed for this primer 0:1 xsd:string