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ncRNA a owl:Class extends MaturedRNA



skos:definition a non-protein-coding gene, other than ribosomal RNA and transfer RNA, the functional molecule of which is the RNAtranscript;
rdfs:comment the ncRNA feature is not used for ribosomal and transferRNA annotation, for which the rRNA and tRNA featureKeysshould be used, respectively;
empusa:propertyDefinitions # The type of the non coding RNA
ncRNAClass type::ncRNAType;
The functional name
product xsd:String?
ddbjLabel ncRNA
subDomain SequenceFeatureCore
skos:example /ncRNA_class=\"miRNA\"/ncRNA_class=\"siRNA\"/ncRNA_class=\"scRNA\"


property description cardinality type
product The functional name 0:1 xsd:String
ncRNAClass The type of the non coding RNA 1:1 ncRNAType