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Sequence a owl:Class





skos:definition Represents a physical sequence
rdfs:comment Physical sequence can be a DNA, RNA or Protein molecule
gen:framing :feature - :Exon
gen:virtual true^^
subDomain SequenceFeatureCore


property description cardinality type
citation A link to a specific citation 0:N Citation
sample Sample from which the sequence is originating 0:1 Sample
function Short description of the function 0:1 xsd:String
description A short description of the sequence 0:1 xsd:String
accession Accession identifier of a given sequence object 0:N xsd:String
sequenceVersion The version of the sequence 0:1 xsd:Integer
sequence The sequence, encoded with the default DNA(including degenerated nucleotides), RNA(including degenerated nucleotides) or protein encoding. For any special items please use the modifiedBase and modifiedResidue features. 1:1 xsd:String
xref Reference to entries in other databases which also represent the same sequence. Note that the GBOLDocment xref and sequence xref can point to same GenBank/EBML entry. 0:N XRef
length Length of the sequence 1:1 xsd:Long
alternativeNames Any alternative names of the sequence 0:N xsd:String
feature The set of features annotating the sequence 0:N Feature
organism The organism from which the sequence originates from 0:1 Organism
recommendedName The recommended name of the sequence 0:1 xsd:String
commonName The common name of the sequence 0:1 xsd:String
sha384 The hash key of the sequence 1:1 xsd:String
standardName The standard name of the feature 0:1 xsd:String
shortName The short name of the sequence 0:1 xsd:String
note A extra note on the sequence itself, do not add notes related to the GBOLDocument or sample. 0:N Note
assembly The optional assembly information of the sequence 0:1 SequenceAssembly