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Library a owl:Class




property description cardinality type
accpetedSameBarcodeRatio Accepted same barcode ration 1:1 xsd:Float
sample Sample from which this piece of sequence originates from. 1:N Sample
libraryNum Library number 1:1 xsd:Integer
barcodeHitsAccepted Barcode hits accepted 1:1 xsd:Integer
fBarcodeFile Forward barcode file name 0:1 xsd:string
barcodeHitsAcceptedRatio Barcode hits accepted ratio 1:1 xsd:Float
primerHitsAcceptedRatio Primer hits accepted ratio 1:1 xsd:Float
provenance The provenance of the feature 1:1 Provenance
rBarcodeFile Reverse barcode file name 0:1 xsd:string
fBarcodeLength Forward barcode length 1:1 xsd:Integer
rFile Reverse file name 1:1 xsd:string
totalReads Total reads 1:1 xsd:Integer
primerHitsAccepted Primer hits accepted 1:1 xsd:Integer
fFile Forward file name 1:1 xsd:string
rBarcodeLength Reverse barcode length 1:1 xsd:Integer