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bibo:Literature a owl:Class





empusa:propertyDefinitions bibo:asin xsd:String?;
bibo:authorList @foaf:Agent~;
bibo:citedBy @bibo:Document
bibo:cites @bibo:Document;
bibo:coden xsd:String?;
bibo:content xsd:String?;
bibo:contributorList @foaf:Agent
bibo:distributor @foaf:Agent?;
bibo:doi xsd:String?;
bibo:eanucc13 xsd:String?;
bibo:edition xsd:String?;
bibo:editor @foaf:Agent?;
bibo:editorList @foaf:Agent~;
bibo:gtin14 xsd:String?;
bibo:handle xsd:String?;
bibo:identifier xsd:String?;
bibo:isbn10 xsd:String?;
bibo:isbn13 xsd:String?;
bibo:issuer @foaf:Agent?;
bibo:lccn xsd:String?;
bibo:locator xsd:String?;
bibo:number xsd:String?;
bibo:numPages xsd:Integer?;
bibo:oclcnum xsd:String?;
bibo:owner @foaf:Agent?;
bibo:pageEnd xsd:String?;
bibo:pageStart xsd:String?;
bibo:pages xsd:String?;
bibo:pmid xsd:String?;
bibo:presentedAt @bibo:Event?;
bibo:producer @foaf:Agent?;
bibo:reproducedIn @bibo:Document
bibo:reviewOf @bibo:Literature;
bibo:section xsd:String?;
bibo:shortDescription xsd:String?;
bibo:shortTitle xsd:String?;
bibo:sici xsd:String?;
bibo:status @bibo:DocumentStatus?;
bibo:transcriptOf @bibo:Literature?;
bibo:translationOf @bibo:Document?;
bibo:translator @foaf:Agent?;
bibo:upc xsd:String?;
bibo:uri xsd:String?;
bibo:volume xsd:String?;
dc:abstract xsd:String?;
dc:contributor @foaf:Agent
dc:created xsd:date?;
dc:description xsd:String?;
dc:format @dc:MediaTypeOrExtent?;
dc:issued xsd:date?;
dc:language xsd:String?;
dc:publisher @foaf:Organization?;
dc:relation IRI;
dc:rights xsd:String?;
dc:subject xsd:String?;
dc:title xsd:String?;
dc:dateAccepted xsd:Date?;
dc:dateSubmitted xsd:Date?;
Use this property to describe the content of the document
rdf:value xsd:String?;
# A list of cross references to a resources holding the same document.
#xref @:XRef
empusa:virtual true^^
subDomain BIBO


property description cardinality type
bibo:gtin14 0:1 xsd:String
bibo:reviewOf 0:N bibo:Literature
bibo:edition 0:1 xsd:String
bibo:status 0:1 bibo:DocumentStatus
rdf:value Use this property to describe the content of the document 0:1 xsd:String
bibo:pageStart 0:1 xsd:String
bibo:content 0:1 xsd:String
dc:description 0:1 xsd:String
bibo:handle 0:1 xsd:String
bibo:numPages 0:1 xsd:Integer
bibo:uri 0:1 xsd:String
dc:subject 0:1 xsd:String
bibo:pages 0:1 xsd:String
bibo:producer 0:1 foaf:Agent
bibo:authorList 0:N foaf:Agent
bibo:issuer 0:1 foaf:Agent
bibo:distributor 0:1 foaf:Agent
bibo:pageEnd 0:1 xsd:String
dc:relation 0:N IRI
dc:publisher 0:1 foaf:Organization
bibo:contributorList 0:N foaf:Agent
bibo:citedBy 0:N bibo:Document
bibo:identifier 0:1 xsd:String
bibo:coden 0:1 xsd:String
bibo:shortDescription 0:1 xsd:String
bibo:doi 0:1 xsd:String
bibo:isbn10 0:1 xsd:String
bibo:pmid 0:1 xsd:String
dc:abstract 0:1 xsd:String
bibo:isbn13 0:1 xsd:String
bibo:reproducedIn 0:N bibo:Document
bibo:volume 0:1 xsd:String
bibo:asin 0:1 xsd:String
bibo:presentedAt 0:1 bibo:Event
bibo:section 0:1 xsd:String
bibo:upc 0:1 xsd:String
dc:dateSubmitted 0:1 xsd:Date
bibo:editor 0:1 foaf:Agent
bibo:cites 0:N bibo:Document
bibo:transcriptOf 0:1 bibo:Literature
bibo:locator 0:1 xsd:String
bibo:eanucc13 0:1 xsd:String
bibo:editorList 0:N foaf:Agent
bibo:owner 0:1 foaf:Agent
dc:language 0:1 xsd:String
bibo:sici 0:1 xsd:String
bibo:translator 0:1 foaf:Agent
bibo:translationOf 0:1 bibo:Document
dc:format 0:1 dc:MediaTypeOrExtent
bibo:oclcnum 0:1 xsd:String
dc:issued 0:1 xsd:Date
bibo:lccn 0:1 xsd:String
bibo:shortTitle 0:1 xsd:String
bibo:number 0:1 xsd:String
dc:created 0:1 xsd:Date
dc:contributor 0:N foaf:Agent
dc:title 0:1 xsd:String
dc:dateAccepted 0:1 xsd:Date
dc:rights 0:1 xsd:String