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LocalSequenceFile a owl:Class extends LocalDataFile



skos:definition A sequence file on the local disk of the type FASTA or FASTQ
empusa:propertyDefinitions StrandOrientation type::ReadOrientation?;
sequencer type::SequencingPlatform?;
adapter xsd:String?;
sequencingDepth xsd:Integer?;
#* Number of reads in the file
reads xsd:Long;
#Length of reads in the file
readLength xsd:Long;
#Total number of bases in the file
bases xsd:Long;


property description cardinality type
reads Number of reads in the file 1:1 xsd:Long
sequencer 0:1 SequencingPlatform
bases 1:1 xsd:Long
readLength 1:1 xsd:Long
sequencingDepth 0:1 xsd:Integer
StrandOrientation 0:1 ReadOrientation
adapter 0:1 xsd:String