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QTL a owl:Class extends Feature



skos:definition Quantitative Trait Loci
subDomain SequenceFeatureCore


property description cardinality type
comment comment with additional information about the QTL 0:1 xsd:string
qtlMap Map the QTL is mapped on 0:1 QTLMap
trait trait according to the Plant trait ontology: 0:N IRI
associatedFeature associated markers linked to the QTL region 0:N Feature
symbol Symbol where the QTL was published under 0:1 xsd:string
relativeStart relative position start in centiMorgan 0:1 xsd:Double
relativeEnd relative position stop in centiMorgan 0:1 xsd:Double
accession The accession id of the entry referenced 0:1 xsd:string
parent Parental strains 0:N Organism
traitName trait name 0:1 xsd:string
term association term 0:N xsd:string
Type The type of QTL 1:1 QTLTypes
linkageGroup linkage group 0:1 xsd:string